Speech Contest-Love and Dedication, Start from Me

2016-09-29 13:03:14 Jiaxing Junquan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Viewd 1148

In order to invigorate the cultural life of employees, stimulate their enthusiasm to love the company and proactive work, and create a harmonious and efficient working atmosphere with positive energy, the company held a speech contest on September 29, 2016 with the theme of "Love and Dedication Start with Me".

The competition is closely linked to its own positions, focusing on the positive energy themes of the company's women's volleyball team, loving the factory, loving the family, team building, and gratitude and filial piety. After fierce competition, Niu Jiawei from the technical department won the first prize, Su Huaying from the physical control department and the second assembly workshop Yang Shufeng won the second prize respectively.