PF-3K wire feeder

This machine is driven by a servo motor to realize the automatic straightening and conveying functions of the wire.

This machine adopts sensor and AC motor to feed the wire, which can send the wire stably, and supply the wire to the host smoothly. This machine can detect and warn whether there is a wireless material, whether the wire is overloaded, whether the wire feeding speed is sufficient, and can transmit bad information during wire feeding to the wire cutting machine or automatic terminal machine used for shutdown processing to achieve a stable and high-speed feeding Line, this device can be universally mounted on reels or pellets.

Cooperate with our company's JQ series fully automatic terminal crimping machine wire conveying.

Maximum wire feeding speed: 6m/s

Maximum acceleration: 34m/s2

Wire horizontal load area: 0.2mm²-4mm²

Maximum coil diameter: 650mm

Maximum coil height: 1000mm

Storage capacity: 6.5m