NET Development Engineer

  • number2
  • PlaceJiaxing
  • Salary10000-15000
  • Release Time2020-10-21
  • Effective time2021-10-21

Job description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the software architecture of the upper computer, and be responsible for the outline design, detailed design, core code development and documentation of core functional modules

2. Establish a database, store equipment data and information, and realize import/export functions

3. Compile development documents in accordance with project development process specifications 4. Other research and development work arranged by the company

job Requirements:  

1. Bachelor degree or above

2. Proficiency in C#, ASP.NET, WPF, MYSQL and other development technologies

3. Familiar with Modbus TCP/RTU protocol, familiar with RS485 and RS232 serial port protocol

4. Familiar with the design and development of SQL Server database, and can skillfully use database storage procedures and database optimization

5. In-depth understanding of object-oriented design principles and good OO design and development capabilities

6. Have good communication skills, work diligently, down-to-earth, rigorous, and have a team spirit