Electrical Engineer

  • number2
  • PlaceJiaxing
  • Salary10000-15000
  • Release Time2020-10-21
  • Effective time2021-10-21

Job description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for implementing the relevant standards, specifications and design regulations of electrical design and completing the design tasks

2. Cooperate with the purchasing department to complete the equipment selection in the design process, provide material technical parameters, and check the technical issues in the purchasing process

3. Deal with related problems in the debugging process, propose solutions, give on-site guidance and cooperate with plan designers to complete technical solutions.

job Requirements:

1. Familiar with PLC of Omron, Cuiou, Schneider, Inovance Delta; touch screens of Bike and Kunlun, proficient in the selection of various instruments and electrical components

2. Have experience in designing electrical schematic diagrams of the project, programming PLC controllers, HMI, etc.

3. Have strong customer communication skills, good analysis and problem solving skills